Our teachers know their students and work with them to help them realise their potential as learners. Our focus on authentic learning and authentic assessment ensures that we challenge our students to grow in their learning and achieve their personal best.

Throughout our community of Sydney Catholic schools, we have shown high performance of our students in measures such as NAPLAN and the HSC.

At St Felix Catholic Primary School Bansktown we provide students with rich learning experiences to ensure all students are challenged. Staff know their students well and are able to maximise learning opportunities. With this in mind, St Felix has continued to shine in all areas of growth, which is evident in our NAPLAN results.

Catering for students’ diverse learning needs is a multi-layered approach and is integrated in class programs through differentiation and flexible groupings. Groups are organised in a variety of ways including streaming, cooperative groups, stage groups and specifically targeted groups that address individual student needs. There is a stage approach to planning and teachers use innovative and contemporary teaching practices as well as utilising the expertise of specialist teachers.

Provision for diverse needs of students also occurs through the Reading Recovery program, targeted gifted program, special needs and English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D). Our high proportion of EAL/D students means that a considerable length of time is devoted to providing teachers with strategies that emphasise oral and written language development.