The past few years have seen the transformation of our learning spaces and outdoor recreation areas into modern, open environments that promote creativity, collaboration and wellbeing. Students enjoy the use of technology and contemporary learning spaces to aid in their learning and social development.

At St Felix Catholic Primary School Bankstown we have excellent facilities and modern buildings fitted with contemporary furnishings, creating vibrant and flexible learning spaces.

Dynamic Playground Settings

Our newly reimagined  playground invites students to engage in a range of play areas. This maximises the play space to engage more students in social, communicative, physical activity and creative/imaginative play.

Collaborative Learning Spaces

Our large, light-filled spaces are layered with contemporary furniture, vibrant colour, with ample access to technology and incorporated break-out learning areas

Modern Classroom Settings

Our revamped classrooms have created more flexible learning spaces to allow for active learning and a diverse range of learning activities to cater to curious minds.